How do I repeat Subreport headers on a master report?



I am designing a master report that is made up of many Subreports. For each
subreport, there is a Report Header, a Group Header, and Detail; I do not use
the Page Header (since it doesn't show up on the master report), Page Footer,
or Report Footer. I added the group heading so that it would be repeated for
pages that go on to the next page. However, I am having difficulties making
the Report Header, Group Header, and Detail stay together on the main report.
That is, for some sub reports, there is enough information that it goes to
the next page. So it displays the group header and the detail of each
product, but I would like it to REPEAT the (SUB)REPORT HEADER if it goes to
another page, but I can't figure out how to do it. Is there a way I can do it
on Visual Basic?


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