How do I stop OneNote from inserting PDFs sideways?




Rainald Taesler

Rach wrote:

In the future pls be so kind as to ask your questions in the *body* of a
posting (not just in the subject).
And pls avoid double posting.
Thanks in advance.

I've had the same problem since August, too. Here's the solution: Alter
the "Print" settings in Adobe Reader (can't do this from OneNote).
In Adobe, go to File>Print. Set Name field to "Send to OneNote 2007".
Hit Properties. Select Landscape. Hit "Ok".

In the Page Handling section, the settings I have are: Page Scaling set
to "None". Also "Auto-Rotate and Center" and "Choose Paper Source by PDF
page size" are both unchecked. Hit "Ok", and it should refresh in

That's it.

Three settings are available:
1. Page Scaling (found in File>Print>Page Handling).
2. "Auto-Rotate" check box (same place).
3. Orientation check box (Printer section>Properties).

Apart from that:
Download and install
a) "PrintOutManager"[1]
b) "Rotate [2]

They work great for getting things sorted after printing.



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