How do you halt sound when launching a custom show?



I am using links within my presentation to link to custom shows so that I can
use the "Show and Return" feature. What I have to be able to do is link to
the same topic from multiple slides and return to those slides when the user
is done vieweing that topic. I also need to be able to use "click to
advance" since the animation within any particular slide needs to be user
driven. Custom Shows with the "Show and Return" feature seem to accomplish
this the best.

I also have to have audio narration (MP3s) in each slide.

What I find is that when I click a link to load a custom slideshow, the
audio that had already begun playing on the slide with the link is overlapped
by the audio that begins playing within the custom slideshow. I have
considerred using "Triggers" to pause or stop the audio, but the triggers do
not seem to apply before the link launches the custom show. They only apply
after the show has returned.

I have one more additional requirement, we have to deploy this presentation
using the PowerPoint 97-2003 viewer (it has a small footprint). Because of
that, I can't use macros.

Anyone have any ideas?



John Wilson

When you use show and return the original slide is still playing in the
background. Hence the sound doesn't stop. AFAIK there's no way to stop it
without triggers.

Try this though

Have the "Go to Custom Show" button trigger
A the sound to stop
B a transparent shape to appear over the button

Give this transparent shape a mouseOVER link to the custom show.

You might also want to make this shape disappear after a short delay

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