How to add fields to customize reports in BCM?



I am a Realtor, and my contacts' mailing address is their home address.
However, when i run a report, only the business address is on the report.
The home address/mailing address is not an option when I try to modify the

I need the addresses because i am importing this lint to Excel to send to my
printer for mailers. If there is another way, please share.




I am not to sure if this will help. You have additional user-defined field at
the bottom of the page either on accounts or business contacts.

You may want to chose either accounts or business contacts; once you have
decided which contact you want to implement the new added fields. Go to
Business contact manager tab, chose custom forms-manage user-defined
fields-chose either, accounts or business contacts (for your additional form)
dialog box opens, under general tab- you can add your group (business or home
address) and create a field to make an additional address field. Try to run
your modify report to see which address populates for your report.

This may help... It seems like a lot of work but the results are beautiful...




Can you use the user defined fields if you wanted to further categorize your
clients? For example, if I wanted to print up a report of all of the
architects that I have in my database, could I use the user defined fields in
the accounts somehow to do that?

We have a database and in it are all of our accounts including all different
types of vendors, contractors, designers etc. I want to figure out a way to
categorize each client so that if i wanted to, I could print up a report
containing all contractors or engineers. Does that make sense? It sounds
like you'd be able to do the same thing but i"m new to the program.

any thoughts you have woudl be appreciated - thanks!

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