How to close read-only file when Document_Close Event raises error



Office 2007

I have a Document_Close Event sub in ThisDocument in Normal that saves
a backup copy of the file in a second location. The main code starts
with ActiveDocument.Save to ensure that the main version of the
document is properly saved before the backup version is.

A problem occurs when I want to close a read-only file without saving
it as anything; just close it.

Before the ActiveDocument.Saved line, I have the following code:

If ActiveDocument.ReadOnly = True Then
On Error GoTo Handler
Dim rYesponse
rYesponse = MsgBox("[instructions: Press OK to close without
saving; press Cancel to go back and save with a name.]", 33, "Read-
only file!!")
If rYesponse = vbOK Then
ActiveDocument.Saved = True [This line doesn't cause problems;
probably superfluous]
ActiveDocument.Close [***ERROR 4198 OCCURS HERE if "on error
go to handler" line is omitted.***]
Exit Sub
On Error GoTo 0
End If
On Error GoTo 0
End If

At the Handler, I have:

If Err.Number = 4198 Then
End If

The problem is, at ActiveDocument.Close in the Handler, the error 4198
dialog comes up.

So, how can I close the document without further ado? Thanks.


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