How to code a macro to assign shortcut keys to UNICODE characters



I'm trying to create a portable collection of shortcut key sequences for
selected UNICODE characters. Unfortunately, the "Command" parametre seems to
disallow assignments outside of the one-byte character space. Normally one
may assign shortcut keys by invoking the [Insert]:[Symbol] dialogue box,
selecting a character in the repertoire and clicking [Shortcut key...],
followed by whatever coding is necessary to connect the character to the
pertinent keystrokes--however, if one wants to transport shortcuts from one
machine to another, that methodology easily becomes tedious, hence the
desirability of coding a sequence of key binding macros similar to this:

CustomizationContext = NormalTemplate
KeyBindings.Add KeyCode:=BuildKeyCode(wdKeySlash, wdKeyControl), _
KeyCode2:=BuildKeyCode(wdKeyEquals), _
KeyCategory:=wdKeyCategorySymbol, _

In the above example, if the function F_COMPUTERS is replaced by ChrW, the
sequence works well for arguments 0-255. However, the character to be
shortcutted (/ plus = equals "not equals", just like any textbook would show)
falls at UNICODE point &H2260 (≠), which seems NOT to be amenable to the ChrW
strategy. So just HOW does one define F_COMPUTERS to allow the assignment of
key sequences to specified UNICODE points. Your prompt response in this
matter (via «[email protected]) will be DEEPLY appreciated.


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