How to display chart as gif with client-side script?



I can't have OWC on the web-server so I use it with object tag and
client-side script.
This works fine but I would like to present the client with a GIF, not a
The GetPicture() method returns an array of bytes which on the server
Response.BinaryWrite can use as input.
Is there a way in JavaScript/VBScript to do the same?



Usually we create and use chart object on the client, so that users can use
all the features of a chart, spreadsheet, or a pivot table.
Some use GIF, as far as I know, because they have OWC installed on server
(and not install on the clients), and they generate these chart, pivottable,
etc on the server, then use chart.ExportPicture server.mappath(filename) to
export the result to a GIF, and then use Response.Write "<img src='..'>" to
send it back to the client for display.

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