How To Display Visio Drawing On A Report?



I could get a embedded table with OLE Object field with embedded Visio
Drawings being seen on a report. I used an Bound Object Frame which works.
Bound Object Frame will allow you to connect to a OLE Object field

I tried to link in these data and to resduce the bloating effects on the
database. I have a text field that contains the full pathname with filename
too. I used an Unbound Object Frame because its the one used for links.
The Image Frame will not display a Visio drawing (vsd).

I created the first unbounded object by copying the Visio Drawing and Paste
Link into my Access report. The results shows just this one linked unbounded
object frame. When I used VBA Code to change the SourceDoc property with the
new full pathname, it still shows the old one Visio drawing. I noticed that
it works on a form, using the .Action property = acOLECreateLink which is
available on a form, but not a report.

How can I update my Unbound Object Frame with a new full pathname????

Thank You,



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