how to export issues to an excel file from project server 2007?



When I tried to export the issues on the project server 2007 to a
excel file, I always get the alert:"you don't have permission to edi
this sheet. cannot save the change on this sheet".

The steps I did:

In the*issues list page of a project, click "operation"->"export t
excel file",it pops up for me to select "open" or "save",*I selec
"open", it will open a excel window, then I go on clicking the "open
button on an alert window which warning me that the original data*ma
be risky. After I click the "open" button, it pops up a window says:
you don't have permission to edit this sheet. cannot save the change o
this sheet". I don't know why since I don't do any changes, and i
doesn't ask me to input the account of the project server either.

I upgrade the SP1 patch of wss3.0 and project server 2007 already.

Does anyone know what is the problem, and how to resolve it? Man

Wendy L



Mike Glen

Hi Wendy Li,

Try posting on the server newsgroup as this one is closing down. Please see
FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other useful
Project information can be seen at this web
address: .

Mike Glen
Project MVP

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