How to get a running total for DR and CR


Syphon Hinds

Hey guys,

I'm kinda new to microsoft access database and i'm having a problem with getting a running balance calculated from Dr and CR transactions..How to I create the running total?

Access Developer


I'm guessing you are talking about transactions of type debit and credit,
identified by something other than a plus or minus amount, showing the
amount on both as a positive value.

If so, then you create a query with the fields you want to show, and a
calculated field (setting the amount to positive or negative depending on
the type of transaction). On the Text Box in which you show this field,
select Running Sum in the Data Tab of the Property Sheet, and set it to Over
All or Over Group, as you desire.

If not, be more precise in describing what you have and what you want, and
perhaps someone here can help.

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