How to get OWC PivotTable data into an Excel Application


Francisco Alvarado

I have a OWC PivotTable control on a webpage, and I want to get the
MDX generated by the PivotTable control. Using the Log File property
on the connection string is not an option, since I can't access the
users hard drive to get the log file.

Is it possible to use the XMLData property from the OWC PivotTable
control and "import" it into an Excel object in .net? I already have a
reference to the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll and that allows me
to create Excel objects like Applications, Workbooks, Worksheets and
PivotTable. This Excel PivotTable object does have an MDX property
that would give me the MDX from the pivot table (in Excel).

I am using C# 2.0 on ASP.NET. Online I found some vba code that gets
the MDX from an Excel Spreadsheet.
Here is that VBA sample:
Dim pvtTable As PivotTable
Set pvtTable = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(1)
TextBox1.Value = pvtTable.MDX

Please tell me there is a way I can pass the data from OWC PivotTable
to an Excel Application/Workbook/PivotTable object.

I really need a way to get the MDX my users are creating using the OWC

Many thanks in advance.

Francisco Alvarado

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