How to import a PowerPoint presentation into Windows Movie Maker?



Summary: 2 ways to make a video from PowerPoint slides using Windows
Movie Maker, import PowerPoint presentation to WMM.
Some friends asked me how to import a PowerPoint presentation into
Windows Movie Maker, as they want to transfer PowerPoint to video that
can be played on video player or be shared with others easier.
Actually, we can not import a PowerPoint file into Windows Movie Maker
directly, for Windows Movie Maker's supported input files are video,
picture, audio or music, so we have to figure this out with some
special methods.

1, Save each slide in PowerPoint presentation to picture.
Open PowerPoint file, go to File->Save as, on the "Save as type"
option, we choose the picture formats. There are 6 picture formats you
can choose: *.gif, *.jpg, *png, *tif, *bmp, *emf. Any one format would
be ok. Then click "Save". A prompt will pop up, we choose "Every
slide". Seconds later, a hint pops up "Each slide in your presentation
has been saved as a separate file in the folder: ***".
Open the folder, you can find all the exported pictures.
Run Windows Movie Maker, you can import all the pictures and edit
them, then generate a beautiful video.
The disadvantage of this method is that it can not keep the audios and
animations in original PowerPoint presentation. To avoid this, I'll
show you the second method.

2, Convert PowerPoint presentation to video file.
Don't make fuss about this topic. All we need is this professional
tool: Moyea PPT to video Converter $B!J(B
ppt-to-video/$B!K(B. It can convert PowerPoint to almost all popular video
formats like WMV, MPEG, AVI, etc. It retains the structure of original
PowerPoint, keeps all delicately designed elements in PowerPoint.
You have to do only three steps:
1, Import PowerPoint presentation
2, Choose output file format
3, start conversion.
A few minutes later, the converted video comes on earth.
Now, you can import the video to Windows Movie Maker and edit it.

The Second method is definitely better than the first method.
Tip: By the 2nd method, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner $B!J(Bhttp://www.dvd-ppt-$B!K(Bcan convert PowerPoint Presentation
to video too, it even provides more functions like burn PowerPoint to



Jim Gordon MVP

OK Genius,

You spammed again!

You can't import any movies into Windows Movie Maker on a Mac. You
wouldn't want to, unless you were an idiot.

You see, Macs come with iMovie and iDVD, so you don't have to pay extra
for your software on a Mac.

On a Mac, you could pop a blank CD into your computer. Use the Finder
option. In PowerPoint use File, Save As and choose the format JPEG. Save
to the CD image for your blank CD.

Eject the CD and choose Burn. Pop the CD into your DVD player, and most
newer DVD players will play the slide show (you'll probably have to find
this option in the DVD player's menus).

There you go! And you didn't have to spend a penny extra.

And if you wanted to send the slides to iPhoto you can use File > Send
To > iPhoto. You get a new album containing your slides. Of course you
can use them in iMovie and iDVD directly, so there's yet another free
way to accomplish this on a Mac.


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