how to make my own shapes behave like the shapes from stencils ??



I tried everything and it's useless !! :eek:(

The original stencils from visio 2000 is too poor, doesn't contain all
shapes and i tried to make some to put inside the stencil.

I tried all day long with no success :(((((((

The shape i need is for DFD, a losangle that glues from the top vertex ( not
from the middle like the original )

I added conection points to the vertex, but it wont glue to another one no
matter what i do!

The other one i tried to draw is the rectangle with 2 lines inside the
borders ( for the data deposit shape ) like this:

| | | |
| | | |

i can draw it , but also can't add the glueable conection point on it
:eek:( and also can't make the text space grouped and aligned inside the box.

any help? Im kinda desperate! :eek:( i asked few people who uses visio, but
when it gets 'so complicated' they fastly leave running and yelling!! :/

thank you very much!



Markus Breugst


you can do a lot of things via the ShapeSheet. Did you try that?

If not: Just select your shape and go to "Window" -> "Show ShapeSheet". You
will se a new window with lots of tables. By manipulating these tables, you
can do almost everything concerning the layout and behavior of your shape.

For example, there is one table named "Text Block Format". Here you can
specify the margins of your shape text. (This may solve your second problem
with the rectangle shape.) There's also a table names "Connection Points".
(If it is not there, you can create it.) With this table, you can create new
connection points for your shape.

The Visio online help gives you some information about the ShapeSheet. If
that's not enough, you can find a lot of detailed information at

Good luck & best regards,

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