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Discussion in 'Access Table Design' started by DawnTreader, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. DawnTreader

    DawnTreader Guest

    Hello all

    i have an incredibly complex situation that i am trying to get
    somewhere on. i am working on creating a form that will record data
    that in the past has not been well normalized.

    currently the data looks like this:

    Voltage Running Amperage Running
    L1 / L2 L1 / L3 L2 / L3 L1 L2 L3
    Main Motor 303 311 370 97 408 259
    HX Motor 49 302 384 173 126 238
    Vent / HX Motor 10 201 96 337 279 32
    Water Pump Motor 184 355 243 167 324 320
    Cooling Tower Motor 106 289 388 376 166 285
    Radiator Motor 373 308 79 185 409 342

    this data is just made up, but the idea is there.

    i am working on having 3 tables to record this:

    SRCompressorSubDataID Autonumber - Part of Primary Key
    ServiceReportID Number - Part of Primary Key value from Service
    Report Table
    ProductID Number
    BlockID Number

    ElectricalID Autonumber - Primary Key
    SRCompressorSubDataID Number - Foreign Key
    VoltageRecorded Number - Stores the value the Tech sees at the site
    VoltageTypeID Number - Stores the column the value should be in
    table above
    DateEntered Date/Time - just so i know...

    VoltageTypeID Autonumber - Primary Key
    VoltageDescription Text - Voltage Running L1/L2, Voltage Running L1/
    L3, etc...

    i am unsure if this is a good plan...

    why? because i dont know how to make a grid where people enter the

    and now that i think about it i would also need a 4th table to store
    which motor things are for, like this:

    MotorID Autonumber - Primary Key
    MotorDescription Text - Motor Description

    is this level of normalization a good thing or will it make it
    impossible for me to arrange in the layout like i have? or will the
    layout be days worth of programming a form to do the job? additionally
    what impact does this have on speed of the opening of the form?

    any and all help appreciated :)
    DawnTreader, Mar 17, 2011
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  2. DawnTreader

    DawnTreader Guest

    answered over at :
    DawnTreader, Mar 17, 2011
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