How to use custom CSS in InfoPath Form



Hi All,

I need to create custom design to our InfoPath 2007 form. I have created
custom CSS(mycustomstyleSheet.css) to apply the change to the controls

like table background-color,border style,textbox width etc.This external
style sheet (css) that we included as a resource. The form works well in

InfoPath preview, but all the css styles are removed when published on Moss
(Infopath Form Services).

I used the article to achive this.

All the custom elements and code works, but it looks like the external css
resource is not included, and the custom class definitions on each element
are overridden by the default style in Moss or InfoPath.

I need to make custom CSS visible in forms services - MOSS 2007. Also I
don’t want to embedded style in xsl individually because we have multiple
forms and all the styles are common so wanted to use external css file.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Best regards,




Olli Nilsson

Hi Javed,

I have the same requirement as you. Unfortunately it is not possible to reference to an external CSS from InfoPath 2007 browser form. This an 'official' statement I got from Microsoft support.

Best Regards,

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