How to use 'Custom' Format for Numbers, Dates and Text?


Ashish Jain

Hi Friends,

What is 'Custom Format' ?: Microsoft Office Excel provides many built-in number formats, but in some cases they do not meet our needs, we can customize a built-in number format to create our own.

Why 'Custom Format' and not 'Conditional Formatting'?: because to cure 'Common Cold' we go to doctors not surgeons. Exactly, when there is a simple and robust way then why to go otherwise. There are many benefits of using custom format including these:
1. Less overhead than Conditional Formatting.
2. Values can be used easily in formulas (Less manipulation required).
3. Charts looks better with custom colored labels/axis.
4. Works on all versions of Excel.
and many more which you can figure out using your innovative mind after reading this article.

Do you know how to use 'Custom' format in Excel , if yes then solve these 5 questions on 'Custom' format given here ( ...

If you don't know much about 'Custom' format then learn here. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Learn Custom Format -

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Ashish Jain
(Microsoft Certified Application Specialist)
(Microsoft Certified Professional)


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