How to use FormulaForce?



Hi All,

I am using visio 2003 SDK and currently working on VXML to Visio
CallFlow conversion. I have a master stencil specially designed for
VXML purporse, here i have a shape called Transition which looks much
like the Dynamic connector.

The shapesheet clearly shows me the shape is being GUARDED using the
GUARD function, i believe i can use the formulaforce to overwrite the
the default angle and the BeginX,BeginY,EndX,EndY position as allthese
are being guarded.

All i wanted it to change the direction of the connector to look to
0degree or anything as i wish, to be more precise we all know the
decision shape i need to put this connector in the right side of the
decision shape (the no condition).

My development is completely on VB .NET, can some please help as early
as possible with some sample code on how can i achieve this.

Say an Example:
If my PinX value is 6.0 and PinY is 9.1875 and the angle is 0 deg. I
am able to glue that transition connector to the right side, i
manually achieved it using the size & position porperty, The Pin X and
PinY value in the drop function is not putting it in that angle(0deg)
rather the angle remains defaulty in -90 deg.

Calling all Visio Experts to help me with some sample code on how to
use formulaforce or anyother option in VB.NET coding.


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