How to verify timesheet import?



I have a need to verify what timesheets have been imported, or not, to pwa
2007. How can I verify this step is completed? TIA!



Mike Fisher

Hello DevourU,

Can you clarify " PWA?" Do you mean verification that the
timesheet was created by the user, submitted for approval by the user, have
been approved, tasks accepted and entered into the project schedule, or
something else?


Thankx for the reply. The plan is to have the user fill out the timesheet,
submit and print at the end of the week. My concern is to make sure the time
sheet is imported to My Tasks and submitted, or else the work totals may be
inacurate. This is my understanding of how PWA 2007 works. If there is a way
to bypass timesheet, and just log hours in tasks, I'm good with that.


Gary L. Chefetz


You can use the My Tasks page to collect hours, however the work record can
be altered by Project Managers using this technique. So, what you do really
depends on your absolute requirement for maintaining an accurate work
record. You can do this with Timesheets, you cannot do this with My Tasks
unless you force all updates to occur through PWA.


You have my attention. Currently I cannot edit time in My Tasks. Setting I am
missing? We are using activities for now to track time on projects with
several resources. It is ok if the manager changes the time. Force updates
through PWA?

Gary L. Chefetz


To use My Tasks this way, you must be using SP2 or higher, preferably using
the latest patches

Your tracking settings must be set to:
Hours of work done per period
Resources should report their hours worked every day

On the My Tasks page, put the page into edit mode
Put the My Tasks web part into edit mode
In the web part settings panel
Select the Timephased View option in the Project Web Access section

Understand that if a Project Manager does something to change the actual
work on the task, that it will overwrite what the resource entered and you
cannot recover the original entry as these are not stored the way timesheets


May 1, 2012
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EPM Timesheet Import in Task

I am facing some issues while importing timesheets under Task(s).

Problem :

In the PWA browser application, I choose "My Tasks", then the "Import timesheet" button. A drop-down list of timesheets appears.

Is there any way to get the drop down list of timesheets to be imported to be a little more sensible?

The timesheets appear in no particular order, and include timesheets which have already been imported. This seems to mean that the list will keep growing, and it will be extremely difficult to locate timesheets which need to be imported. Is there a way of ensuring that the list by default appears in one or more of the following formats:
a) Sorted by date (preferably showing the latest first)
b) Showing only those which have not yet been imported.
c) As a less acceptable alternative to (b) above, showing only "recent" ones (say in the last 4-5 weeks)

Also, if I make a mistake and import a timesheet more than once, is any harm done?

I need to answer the above questions for my users.

Hope that you can help me out to resolve the same.

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