HTML error


threademporium / FP 2003 / Win XP

I ran a HTML error check and got the message below. In order to resolve this
problem can it be done via FP menu commands or do I need programming

Unable to Determine Parse Mode!

The validator can process documents either as XML (for document types such
as XHTML, SVG, etc.) or SGML (for HTML 4.01 and prior versions). For this
document, the information available was not sufficient to determine the
parsing mode unambiguously, because:

* the MIME Media Type (text/html) can be used for XML or SGML document
* No known Document Type could be detected
* No XML declaration (e.g <?xml version="1.0"?>) could be found at the
beginning of the document.
* No XML namespace (e.g <html xmlns=""
xml:lang="en">) could be found at the root of the document.

As a default, the validator is falling back to SGML mode.



Kathleen Anderson

The validator doesn't know what specs to use to validate your page because
you don't have a DOCTYPE, so you need to add one. The info on this page
should help:


~ Kathleen Anderson
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Spider Web Woman Designs
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