Hyperlinking in PowerPoint 2007 to external zip files



I created a PP2007 presentation that is basically a menu tree of items. Some
of these items point to other slides, while some menu items point to external
files. For those hyperlinks that point to external pdf files, the PP viewer
correctly loads Adobe Reader and the file appears on the screen. However,
when hyperlinking to an external .zip file or jpg file, I get an error saying
that the "PowerPoint Viewer cannot open the file "_______".

What is most amazing about this is that when the presentation is run with a
full blown version of PP2007, there are no errors and everything works fine.
But since I can't guarantee than our clients will have PP2007, we want to
package the CD with the Viewer.

Any help anyone can give will be most appreciated.




Echo S

I have a feeling you're seeing issues with the links. Have you already run
the package for CD, or are you just intending to do that as a final step?

I ask because I just tried it here, and it works fine. I created a one-slide
file, added two autoshapes, and added hyperlinks to each -- one to a ZIP
file, another to a JPG (all in different folders). Then I saved the file to
my desktop and ran package for CD. I chose to package to a folder.

In that folder is a copy of my ZIP and JPG along with the presentation and
the files the Viewer needs. Double-click Play.Bat to run the presentation in
the Viewer, and the links work fine.

So that's one possibility.

How did you add your hyperlinks?
when hyperlinking to an external .zip file or jpg file, I get an error
that the "PowerPoint Viewer cannot open the file "_______".

What's the rest of the error message? Is it just the file name, or is there
a path? Maybe that provides a clue.

I suppose link limits could come into play because the Viewer actually
backsaves your file as 97-2003 format, but I suspect that's a very very long

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