Hyperlinks in Word 2010 "Cannot download the information you requested"

Dec 6, 2013
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Hi all,

Having a problem with Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010, where a URL that works in IE, gives the error, "Unable to open <URL>. Cannot download the information you requested"

Please note, this has nothing to do with "Work Offline" ticked, as many hyperlinks work fine.

What it is, is we have a Web Filtering system based on Active Directory Authentication, as we are an Educational establishment. As an example, YouTube is blocked by default, but allowed for Staff. If a member of Staff opens IE and types youtube.com into the address bar, it works. If the same member of Staff types youtube.com into Word and clicks on the auto-generated hyperlink, the above error appears. It is treating the website as blocked, before using our AD Authentication system to allow the website to display.

An example of what we need to happen; Take a URL that's normally allowed, such as Google.com, and add that to the Block List for Staff. When Staff click a Word 2010 hyperlink to Google.com, IE will open, but then display a "Website Blocked" message. This is what we need...we need all Office 2010 hyperlinks to default to opening IE and *then* determining whether the page can be displayed or not based on our authentication.

I gather this has something to do with HLINK.DLL and URLMON.DLL, but I don't know how to get round it. If anyone has any advice please, because we are starting to roll out this AD Authentication across our schools...and there are 600 of them...tens of thousands of users. This is going to become a major issue.

All clients are Windows 7 32-bit with Office 2010 Professional.



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