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prostate awareness australia

I use Publisher to do web pages for the prostate awareness australia group. I
find it dificualt to connect to my server. Can I get a program that
intergrates with Publisher so I only need to change the file name and press
Thanks Ross Davis




I don't know of any automagic sort of addin that does what you want to do.

FTP uploading has changed in recent years with changes in IE, but it is not
that difficult. First all assuming that you are using Pub 2003 or 2007 then
you will go to File > Publish to the web and direct your web files to your
local computer where you can find them. Unless you change the defaults you
will get an index.htm file (your home page) and an index_files folder that
contains all the graphics and the other pages in your site.

Then I would suggest that you download and install FileZilla, a free FTP

Also go to this page and read the instructions for using FileZilla:

Then read the instructions on your web host about what setting to use with
FileZilla and upload the index.htm file and the index_files folder to your
site. The instructions on how to FTP and possibly even how to use FileZilla
with your web host will most likely be in the FAQ or support sections.

It may take you a while to figure all this out the first time, but after
that it should be easy to update your site.


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