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Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by David Hare-Scott, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Using Outlook 2010 I have a problem importing a CSV list of contacts
    containing 134 items. If I go through the import routine the first item in
    the file shows up as the example to map the fields. I do not see any option
    (as in Excel or Access) to treat the first item any differently. So I do
    the mapping , there is only name and email. I run the import and all the
    records except the first are imported into the destination folder Contacts,
    so I now have 133. Why is this?

    I then decided to not mess about trying to make the import do the first
    record and I add that one record manually to Contacts. The record is
    created but shows in a second list below the first of 133. Every one has
    only two fields, name and email. I want them all in the one folder
    displaying in one sorted list of 134. Why is the list then segmented and
    will not sort together?

    David Hare-Scott, Feb 21, 2014
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