importing a website to fp 2003



hopefully this is the correct place to post this:

i am trying to import a couple of sites into frontpage for updating - for
the first time. i from the drop down menu, i choose import and the import box
opens. i click the 'from site' button and the import wizard box opens. i
choose the 'http" radio button and type in the address, then click 'next.'
for a moment a search box opens and then closes, returning me to the import
wizard. it now asks me to specify where i would like to create a local copy
(i choose 'my web sites' as a destination - then click 'next.' the wizard
then indicates that it will download the home page (followed by linked pages)
- i then click 'next.' i am then given a 'congratulations' and asked to
'finish,' 'cancel,' or 'back' - i choose 'finish.' the wizard disappears and
a small importing box appears then goes away leaving me with a folder with a
little green globe that is labeled 'my site.' i click onto the folder and see
another folder which appears to be the imported site that also has a little
green globe on it (labeled with the specific folder name for my site). But
when i click on the folder all i see is two folders labeled '_private' and
'images' which contain nothing!

so how can i get my web data imported into fp? do i need to modify a
setting? what? your help is greatly appreciated.



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