Importing data from exce to microdoft project




I want to import data from an excel sheet to a microsoft project (.mpp)
file. I want to do this via VBA macro. I'm able to open a new excel sheet
from my macro, but how can I open an existing excel sheet ( For e.g. excel
sheet is at - C:\Document and Setting") and copy the content from excel to

Can anyone please help me writing the vba code for this?



Rod Gill

It's surprising what data can be read just by opening the xls file in
Project (select file type of xls in File Open Dialog). If this doesn't work
for you, you will need to write code. This isn't hard, but it's more than a
few minutes work for someone, so it's a little cheeky asking us to do your
work for you!! However, when you do get stuck by all means ask for help with
specific problems.

For things like opening a file in excel, record a macro in Excel of you
opening a file manually then copy and amend the code in Project VBA. My bok
has many working examples of working with Project and Excel VBA.



Mike Glen

Hi Mike,

Try posting on the developer newsgroup as this one is closing down. Please
see FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other
useful Project information can be seen at this web
address: .

Mike Glen
Project MVP

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