Improvements to Word UserForm 2007/2010: RichText, DatePicker?



I am an advanced amateur with extensive knowledge of VBA up to Word 2003

I have Word 2007, but haven't done any programming with it as I had to use Wor
2003 at work

My work is now migrating to Word 2010. Are there any changes/improvements t
UserForms from 2003? I didn't see any, looking in Word 2007 and exploring th

I know about Content Controls in Word 2007/2007, particularly Rich Tex
and DatePickers for Forms, but I can't see anyway to grab the content of a RT
and keep the formatting in a text box on a UserForm

Likewise, I don't see a date picker built into the controls of a UserForm. A

work for a very controlling organization, I can't edit the Registry, etc. t
a control from VB (likewise, I can't work in VB to create my own .exe file a
I'm not allowed to install it - even if I wrote it myself!

As there is no datepicker I use the IsDate() function to veryify dates, bu
certainly isn't an elegant solution




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