In PowerPoint, how can I print 3 slides per page with notes adjace



I'm want to print 3 slides per page in a format similar to the normal 3
slides per page handout option. But where I've entered notes for slides, I
want the notes to replace the lines. PowerPoint does not seem to have an
option for this. I tried sending it to Word, and it looked like this might
work. However, the 16 MB PowerPoint file becomes a 185 MB Word file which is
very cumbersome to work with, especially considering that I have 7 PP files
to print, some of which are much bigger than this first one. Also, the
initial export to Word leaves the slides too small and I see no way to make
them larger except by manually adjusting each one. Finally, I want to print
using PowerPoint's "Pure black and white" option because the many slides have
various colors, which are transmitted to Word, and Word has no option for the
pure black and white printing that gets rid of unusual background and text
box fill colors.

Ultimately I want to have a Black and white PDF document that clearly shows
the content of the slides with the notes next to them.

I'm using PowerPoint 2002 (10.6501.6714) SP3


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