Insert diff background image on each page



Hi all

I am a designer and I have a client who wants a brochure in word (
know, I've told them not to), so then can edit it for each addition.

My place is to produce a basic template (a jpg for each page with
header/footer) and drop it in. Its 20 pages.

However when I insert the first image into the header of the first page
it repeats through all 20 pages.

I need it to just be on that first page so I can insert the other image
on each of the 20 pages.

There must be a simple way of doing this?




Stefan Blom

If you must do this in Word, don't add the pictures to the header; instead,
anchor them to a paragraph on the page.

The alternative is to add a section break at the end of each page, but,
obviously, this means that you can't have text flow from one page to the
next (because text can't flow across a section break).

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