Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box



I have a table with "hyperlink" datatype field. I created a form and inserted
the field. Now if a user want to insert a hyperlink in that field, they have
to use the menu to open the 'Insert Hyperlink Dialog box'. But I want the
Dialog Box to appear when the user right click the hyperlink field.

My question is... How can I do that? Any help will be appreciated.




Hi Ray,

I would:

1. Make a macro where:
Macro Name = Insert Hyperlink (or whatever)
Action = RunCommand
Action > Command = InsertHyperlink

2. Save the macro as "mac_InsertHLink" for example

3. In the Database Window, select this macro.

4. Goto: Tools > Macro > Create Shortcut Menu from Macro

5. Now goto the properties for the field on your form and change
'Shortcut Menu Bar' to the name of your macro, i.e. "mac_InsertHLink".

Simple when you know how ;)

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