Insert Index into a Table

Oct 4, 2019
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I've been playing with the Index function in Word (2010 and 2013 versions), and it's working surprisingly well. However, what I want to create is more of a glossary. My current index might look something like this:

Incident Report, 15, 22
Inclement Weather, 18, 22
Leave of Absence, 7, 12, 23
Training, 2
Transportation, 3, 19

But what I would like is an index nested into one column of a table so that I can add notes or other explanatory text in the second column, like this:

Incident Report, 15, 22Policies and procedures for reporting when something goes wrong.
Inclement Weather, 18, 22Policies and procedures for problems related to rain, snow, and wind.
Leave of Absence, 7, 12, 23Policies and procedures for requesting leave.
Training, 2Policies and procedures regarding employee training.
Transportation, 3, 19Policies and procedures regarding work-related travel.

So far, I've been able to get the index to appear in a single cell within a table, and I suppose I could make that work by squeezing all my notes into one cell in the second column, but I don't like it. (Doing it this way with Right Align Page Numbers selected hides my page numbers behind the second column anyway.)

Does anybody know of a way to insert an index into a table, with each entry in its own row?


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Mar 2, 2012
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Word's Index field can't be made to work that way. You'd have to create the index, turn the index field into static text, then convert that to a table.

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