Inserting picture into a Word table cell


Ray K

I use tables to create calendar pages. Each day's cell measures 1.4"W x
1.1"H. I'm trying to insert a picture into a cell, sized so it
completely fills the cell. I first crop the picture to 1.4 x 1.1, then
copy and paste into the cell, so it should be a perfect fit. Yet I still
get white space at the left edge.

IF I click on the picture, I can't drag the left resizing box to the
left to eliminate the white space; oddly, that causes the picture to
distort by moving the right edge to the right. If I drag the lower left
corner resizing box to the left, it increases the cell and photo sizes,
without eliminated the white space. It's like there's some left margin
setting that applies to this cell that I have no control over. None of
the options in Table Properties affect the positioning or sizing of a
photo in a cell.

After writing the above description of the problem, I tried one other
thing. I right-clicked on the empty cell, then Table Properties/Cell
tab/Options and cleared the "Same as the whole table" box. Then I set
all the cell margins to zero. Pasted the picture in the cell; no more
margins. End of problem.

Hope this helps someone.



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