Installing a new font - strange results



I've just installed true type font nadianne-bold. (I already had the
regular weight font installed.) The file names are nadianne-bold.ttf and

The drop down list of available fonts does not show nadianne-bold. I
though perhaps this is because it only comes into play if I try to make
bold selected letters in the regular weight nadianne; thus it can not be
independently selected.

Since installing nadianne-bold, everything I type with regular Nadianne
as the default font appears in the true bold font. Selecting letters and
then clicking on Bold does not change the weight of the strokes but they
appear closer in the bold mode. However, If I click on Italics, then the
selected letters revert to the non-bold font, and I can bold or unbold
them by clicking on the Bold icon. Bizarre.

In other words, in the Italics mode without the Bold mode, regular
weight characters appear. If I select Bold, then the true bold font (not
the artificial one) replaces the regular weight characters.

I'm also have odd problems using nadianne-bold with Thunderbird. If I
don't choose bold, then all the lower case letters are wrong, looking
like odd foreign characters (letters with accents or tiny circles over
them, for example.) Once I highlight them and choose bold, they appear
as the normal letters I typed.

Seems like there is a problem with this version, which was a free download.


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