Integrity Internal Data (Type 4) 1 error


Carol Correa

I've got Office 2003 installed in several computers (XP, Vista and 7),
but in one of them (XP) it's always closing in the middle of my
writting, and than comes the message saying it's a Integrity Internal
Data (Type 4) 1 error, that it's been repaired.
I would like to know what's causing this error, so I can fix it.
Usually, once I install Office, I transfer the configuration data
using the tool that comes with Office 2003. I transfered the
configuration for this one computer from one that I know doesn't have
this problem, but I always end up happening again in this one
I was wondering if it could be a problem with the model I'm using...
I use 2 models that I customized for different purposes, and they
world pretty well in other computers... but in this one this error
Can anyone help me?


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