Invalid Use of Null on Function parameters


Peter Hibbs

I have a general Function routine which has in-line parameters
something like this :-

Public Function SendData(strName As String) As String

Dim X As String

X = strName

End Function

I call the function like so :-

Z = SendData(Me.txtName)

where txtName is Text control on a form. The problem is that if
txtName is blank (i.e. Null) the call fails with :-

Run-time error '94'
Invalid use of Null

I can fix the error by using... SendData(Nz(Me.txtName))

but if the function is called a large number of times it is a bit
inconvenient having to remember to add the Nz() every time. What I
would like to do is add the Nz() code within the function, something
like :-

X = Nz(strName)

but this does not work. Is there any way to move the Nz bit into the
function code?

Peter Hibbs.

Douglas J. Steele

Public Function SendData(strName As Variant) As String

Dim X As String

If IsNull(strName) Then
SendData = vbNullString
X = strName
End If

End Function

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