Inverse video slides?


Salmon Egg

I am using PowerPoint from Microsoft Office Mac 2011 on a Mac Pro using
OS 10.6.8, the latest Snow Leopard.

Because of poor vision, I have been preparing slides to be presented in
inverse video in order to minimize glare. I am finding other people find
that useful as well.

That task is simplified because .pptx templates are available that
appear as black in normal video. When text is entered, the result is a
slide (normal video) with white letters on a black background. A problem
arises when I try pasting pictures into the template. For example, a
diagram from Wikipedia can be copied and pasted into that template, but
it does not convert to inverse video. Sometimes, that is not a problem
when just a line drawing is involved.

Sometimes, I want to display a mathematical formula on the slide.
Waterloo Maple is very good for expressing formulas, but requires Maple
to present them. That is,the usual way such formulas are presented in
textbooks. My solution has been to take a snapshot using Grab of the
formula. to go into the slide. The snapshot, however, does not appear in
inverse video as I would like it to be.

To get around that, I open the snapshot in Photoshop Elements and take
the inverse. I then copy and paste that onto the slide.

Is there a simpler way to accomplish this? Does PowerPoint contain any
such capability?



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