Inverting Lettering as If Looking in a Mirror


RLR Preacherman

Is there a way to invert lettering in Publisher documents as if you were
seeing the lettering in a mirror? I am wishing to print the document on
clear label paper and then stick it to a window where people on the outside
of the window can read the text. Any help with this would be most

Mary Sauer

Usually this is done in the printer driver. There would be a mirror option.
You can use WordArt. Do the phrase, Arrange, Flip...
Create a text box, do the text, copy the text box, paste special as a picture.
This method has some problems, the text will be bold after the conversion.
However if you are printing it large enough for folks to see outside, it
shouldn't matter.


Mary, your advice is just what I needed. I have 20 pages (signs) to print as
mirrored text and my printer doesn't have the mirror option. The letters on
my pages have to be the same height/width, and lines the same distance apart,
which is just too hard to accomplish using WordArt as its overall size is
determined by how many characters are in each sign. By using a text box in
the steps you suggest, it works out perfectly, as the text box (picture)
retains its original size. I experimented with the "save special" options and
found that the bitmap format gave me pretty much an identical mirror result.
I am sorry I spent so much time searching for a mirror font on the Net, as
well as mucking around with WordArt, before it occured to me to look in this
forum. I appreciate your post very much, thank you.

Mary Sauer

Hey Lindy, Thanks for the post, I truly appreciate it. Not every day one gets a
post like this. Thanks again.


Two years later, this post is still helping!
They need to add this to the normal Help files.

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