Issues Importing .xlsb Files into Access 2007


Geoffrey Sanders

In the last month, this problem seems to have come up. It's definitely new,
and I haven't made any changes to Access other than the normal updates pushed
through Windows Update.

Whenever I try to import an .xlsb file into Access 2007, I get the following
error. In a window titled "Import Spreadsheet Wizard", I get the following
"This file was created in a previous beta version of Excel 2007. Open the
file with Excel 2007 to save it to the most recent version of the Excel 2007
file format before opening the file in Access 2007."

I never had a beta of Excel 2007 on my computer and am updated through SP 1.
Also, Access does not give me this issue with .xlsx or .xls files, only
Is anyone having similar issues or can anyone suggest a fix?



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