Joining Tables


Columbia,SC Chris

I am new to access and I am in need of starting a cumulative database. I can learn fast but I need the basics. I need to add table 2 data to table 1 which will be my main database. Sample Below:

Table 1(Database)
ID Label
1 a
2 b
5 e

Table 2(new data to be added)
ID Label
1 a1
2 b
3 c
4 d
6 f

ID Label
1 a1 (changed per table2 update)
2 b (no change)
3 c (Updated per table2)
4 d (Updated per table2)
5 e (Record not in table2 therefore no change)
6 f (Record added per table 2 and was not in table 1)

****In general I want no duplicate ID's:
1. If a record exists in both tables then update table 1 with table 2 data.
2. If a record is in table 2 but not table 1 then add the record to table 1.
3. If a record is in table 1 but not in table 2 then retain the table 1 data.

Again. I just need table 1 to be my main database with periodic updates or adds from table 2. I hope someone can get me started. Thank you.

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