Junk e-mail filter will not install (KB975960)



Outlook 2007 junk email filter updates will not install. It started with
KB973514 and I have the same issue with the new KB975960. Since it is
important updates it automatically tries and fails to install the update
about nine(!) times each day at work; that is nine times every day since
August. I do not even use the filter, but I cannot get rid of the update
since it is classified as 'important' by MS. For each Windows generation I
seem to get less and less control over the system.

Anyhow, using automatic update the error message is "Code 80070641 Windows
update encountered an unknown error", which does not tell me much. Manually
downloading the update and installing ends with a ""The installation of this
package failed", which tells me even less.

I have seen a number of posts with the same problem, but no solution as of
yet. The general answer supplied by the support seems to be to check that
Windows Installer Service is on or reinstalling it, which did not solve it
for me or most of the others with the same problem. Firewalls and other
network restricting applications have been turned off or uninstalled. In my
case Symantec Endpoint Protection has been turned off, but not uninstalled
(due to company policies). I have tried more or less every suggestion I have
found in other forums with no luck.

The junk email updates are the only updates that fail and I have had no
issues with any other update. I am running Vista Business 32-bit and Office
2007 Standard with all the service packs and updates installed. The computer
is less than one year and has a minimum of software installed, nothing that I
see could potentially cause a conflict with the update.

This is starting to become ridiculous. Do I have to turn off the automatic
update alltogether to get rid of the problem?




Here here. I've been looking around, people say to search for the file and
run the exe, its just not poping up on the search. This is SOOOOPER
frustrating. Windows is like a sick child, needing constant attention and
lifesupport. God forbid you go on vaca and fall behind on updates! If its not
constantly connected to the internet, it dies pretty fast. Please, microsoft,
fix these evil updates.




Find out what the update is and go to the MS website to locate the download
link for the update. Save it to your computer and double click to install.
The installer requires the user to click on "I agree" and the MS Update
installer skips that process, thereby causing the failure. If you manually
download and install, it will work.

It's clunky, and I hope something that they will fix eventually.


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