Labeling on independently stacked line chart


Deb P


I need to display percentage results from 8 stores in one chart, wit
each store having a line (trended over time). They are positioned on
above another, ultimately, in PowerPoint. The lines are not cumulativ
- they are independent.

From another site, I figured out how to do this by giving the firs
store ratings from 0 to 100%, the second store 100 to 200%, etc. Thi
gets the position I want for the charts. I do not need to display an
values on the y-axis.

However, I DO need to display the data labels. I'm looking for a
automated way to change 795%, for example, to 95%. I can do thi
manually in the data label but once it's changed manually, an
underlying change to the data won't update.

Any recommendations


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