Laying out subordinates/autolayout - suddenly not working?



ARRRRRHHHH this is driving me insane.
OK, I have a reasonably large org chart (32 pages).
It was created via the wizard from excel.

Yesterday the drag/drop feature was working fine. Today I
open up the file, need to change a few things, and hey
presto the drag and drop feature is not working at all.
i.e. when I try to drag a subordinate onto a superior, it
does not automatically lay out, it doesn't seem to
recognize the shape as a subordinate at all. Makes no
difference whether I move an existing subordinate or drag
a new one from the stencils. I've looked at the behaviour
tab, can't see anything wrong there.

Is there some feature that I've mistakenly "turned off" or
something? I also tried creating a new document (not with
wizard) and that is behaving the same way.

grrrrrrrrr can anyone help me???? thanks.


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