LDAP and Check Names



Our current setup is Outlook 2003 connecting to an Exchange 5.5 server. For
reasons I shan't go into, this configuration cannot be changed.

I have added our organisations LDAP server into Outlook and if you open the
adress book and search the LDAP directory it returns the expected results.

However, if you set Outlook to search the LDAP directory first (via the
Tools menu in the Address Book), type a name into the "To" box and then click
Check Names, Outlook fails to return any matches, but does give the following
"The search request to the LDAP Directory Server has timed out."

I know the LDAP directory works, as I can search it as mentioned above, it
is just via Check Names that it doesn't. I have tried running Outlook in
both cached and uncached mode in case that made a difference - it didn't.

Any ideas?

Brian Taylor


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