LDAP Error 150

Discussion in 'Mac Office Entourage' started by Ryan McLeod, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Ryan McLeod

    Ryan McLeod Guest


    We are experiencing an issue with our users using Entourage 2008 on Mac OS X
    10.6 clients. The server is a recent Exchange migration and is running the
    latest Kerio Connect version. All client computers have been upgraded to the
    latest version of Office as well. What happens is every couple hours users
    are getting an error message that pops up and says an unknown error has
    occurred and lists LDAP error 150. They can hit ok and continue, but it's
    very annoying. I've googled the error message to no end, but haven't come up
    with anything solid. I've tried disabling LDAP SSL on the clients, using the
    IP address of the server instead of the FQDN, added a search base and
    tripled checked all the account settings and none of them have worked. I
    enabled the LDAP and GAL service logs in the debug log on my mail server and
    let it run for a day and asked the user to let me know the exact times she
    got the message so I could compare. I've examined the logs and sent them to
    Kerio and we can't see anything in there that indicates a problem. Googling
    brings up some instances of the same problem, but never a resolution. I'm
    hoping that someone on here has seen a similar issue and has a fix for it.

    Ryan McLeod, Apr 22, 2010
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