Left Function


Joe Harman

Yes. The code to get the first name from a pair of names
separated by "&" would look something like this. For
simplicity, the code below uses a variable (str2Srch)
instead of a field name.

Function findstr()

Dim str2Srch As String
Dim strResult As String
Dim intLoc As Integer

' Set up the variable we're going to search
str2Srch = "Joe & Jim"

' Where is the Ampersand located?
intLoc = InStr(1, str2Srch, "&")

' Trim the string to get only the part before
' the ampersand and the space preceeding it and
' put it in strResult.
strResult = Left(str2Srch, intLoc - 2)

' strResult will now contain "Joe"

End Function


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