Discussion in 'Access Security' started by arlene ramirez, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    you subed going jail
    I'm a bit stuck on part of an assignment. I have to design a database for a
    company that is user friendly for beginner Access users. Here is the part
    I'm stuck on:
    "I would like some sort of automatic update of selling prices. We do
    across-the-board selling price changes from time to time - usually increases
    in response to increases in materials. For example just last week we
    increased all selling prices by 5%. However we would want to choose the
    percentage - it would not always be 5%."
    I know how to increase prices by a certain percentage within queries (either
    Select or Update queries), but how would I make this user friendly? I know I
    can put a button on a form to run a query, but I cant seem to figure out how
    to get Access to request the parameter so the company could input the
    percentage increase. Also not sure on the formula for doing this either.
    For example presuming the field is called Cost, so you have
    CostIncrease:[Cost]*1.1, this works for 10% but to be user friendly I would
    want the company to enter 10% rather than 1.1 in the parameter value box.
    Any ideas?
    arlene ramirez, May 27, 2010
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