line spacing *within* paragraphs problem



Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel In older versions of Word, I got about 46-49 lines per page single space; in 2008, with the same font, size, and formatting, I get about 36-39. This is not an issue with paragraph breaks--those are set to 0--just line spacing within paragraphs. Even on single space it looks like 1.5. I'm using the latest update, 12.2.4.

Can anyone offer a fix? Thanks.

Michel Bintener

What exactly is the line spacing? Select a paragraph, then go to
Format>Paragraph and check the number that you can find in the dialogue
that pops up.


As I said, the line spacing is set to single space, but there is still a large difference between the line spacing in this and every version of Word I've used in the last 20 years. I know that in the PC version there is a fix--changing line spacing back to Word 2003--but no such option appears anywhere in the Mac version.

Michel Bintener

Which font are you using? Some fonts, especially the new Microsoft fonts
included in Office 2008, take up more space than others. I don't know
what else to suggest.


The issue that arose in Office 2007 - and carried into Mac Word 2008 - is
simply that MS [in their infinite wisdom] decided unilaterally that text
looked better using 1.15 line spacing rather than single. The Normal Style
was modified accordingly & the 'fix' was to simply redefine the Normal style
to use single. However, in both versions the matter was also corrected via
updates, so manually implementing the 'fix' is unnecessary if your software
is fully updated. This only applies to new documents created since the fix
or update has been applied. Any documents created prior to the change using
the original version of Normal will retain the 1.15 line spacing until the
style is amended to single line spacing in those documents.

There are a number of other influencing factors, though, such as the fonts
used in the documents. If they were created using the older fixed-width
fonts they may very well have different parameters imposed when font
substitution occurs. Printer metrics, screen resolution & other formatting
effects also come into play. If you want some amusement try this:

1- Create a new blank document,

2- type the following then press return: =rand(6,15) That will give you 6
paragraphs of 15 sentences each - a little more than one US Letter page),

3- Go to Format> Document> Layout, click the button for 'Line Numbers',
check the box labeled 'Add line numbers', then OK out of both dialogs

4- Use Command+A to select all, then change just the font several times &
observe the change in lines per page as you do.

Just as an example: With Courier I get 48 lines but with Courier New it
reduces to 46, whereas Times renders 45 & Times New Roman delivers 45 lines
but doesn't extend quite as far down the page.

The days of "characters per inch (cpi) and "lines per inch" (lpi) are gone
:) but if you have a need to regulate lpi have a look at:

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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