Link to Previous disabled, have section break


Archael Royale

Hello, I'm experiencing a frustrating issue with Link to Previous fo
headers being disabled, despite the fact that I have a section break fo
the next page. I have tried many variations, recreating the sectio
break, putting a new paragraph or two before/after the section break
etc. Nothing works. The Link to Previous button just refuses to becom
available. I'm using Word 2010 Trial. I know that it being a tria
version is not an issue because I've gotten it to work multiple times
including earlier today.

Anyone got an answers

Stefan Blom

Word can have up to three different headers (and three different
footers) per section; this occurs if you selected "Different first page"
as well as "Different odd and even" in Page Setup. Each type of header
(footer) must be separately unlinked from its "neighbor" in the
preceding section.

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