Linking a listtemplate to Heading 2 in combination with a combobox




I hope somebody can help me the following issue.

I have a piece of code which works on Word 2003 but needs to be updated to Word 2003. It uses a combobox to set a piece of format of a document which is filled from the database. It works perfectly on Word 2003.

Also a strange thing is that i can't find "NovayHeadingnum" referenced anywhere but in the code below.

The code is quite large so i only copied the code that is relevant to this problem:

Public appdoc as Document

With cbxHeadingNrs
.AddItem "1, 2, 3"
.AddItem "A, B, C"
.AddItem "I, II, III"
End With

Select Case frmDecisions.cbxHeadingNrs.ListIndex
Case 0: 'No change needed
Case 1: appdoc.ListTemplates("NovayHeadingnum").ListLevels(2).NumberStyle = wdListNumberStyleUppercaseLetter
Case 2: appdoc.ListTemplates("NovayHeadingnum").ListLevels(2).NumberStyle = wdListNumberStyleUppercaseRoman
End Select

Thanks in advance.


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