Links, Image Size, Display and Printing



I am using MS Word 2007 on Win XP
In my book there are 400+ links to jpg files (Resolution of 3000 x 2000
I understand for display 72 dpi is good quality and for printing 300 dpi is
sufficient. Since my images in the book are going to be only 3" x 2", the max
image size I need is approx. 900 x 600 pixels.

Suppose I resize the images to 900 x 600 and point the links to these image
While displaying on the screen, I understand that some resizing is occurring
for wysiwig on different monitor resolutions (hDC for display) at a low DPI.
However during Printing, how can I verify that the higher resolution image
which is available is actually used to print?

I have linked to 300x200 resized image and then 900x600 resized image and
there seems to be no visible difference when printed.





Hi Jayawanth,

Much depends on the amount of jpeg compression, whether the pixels in the image line up exactly with the pixels in the printer plus
the quality of the printer. Note too that many printers can't print at 300dpi - many inkjets, for example, work in multiples of
360dpi. Where the pixels in your image don't match the printer's specs, they are interpolated and some loss of definition results.
If you use a high-resolution image, that loss of definition will be less noticeable.


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