Living in one place or always moving for a good job, house, or even climate:

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Hi there! You’re new citizen and you’re crestfallen about this new environment. Don’t be worry. I am going to tell you how to find a place to live.
Well, if you want a place to live you need to find a good place. With society proceeding, people have many thinking about the life. Some people preferto move through ther to look for a better job,, or even climate.
It’s can provide more suitable environment to live to move .Such as, looking for a high paid job, we can supply our family a better life. And finding a place where there is fresh air and sunshine to live is good for old persons' health. And we are also able to moving a place where is convenience to work or for kids to go to school.
For instance, you don't know what your neighbor do, and what should be prepare for some sudden things, like thunderstrom.And we are not similar with transport, which will get us lost. Above two reason is important disadvantage of a number of moving, but the primary reason is that too many moving is a costly program. If we move to a apartment where transport is convenience,the price of the house will be very expensive.
Base on the disadvantage of unfamiliar working circle,secury and consuming the moving has, I will support to spend the whole life living in one place.
In a border of a country there are many cities and these of them have many towns. The citizens have opportunity to live in a big city or a small town.I would prefer to live in a big city than live in a small town because it has more advantages such as better education conditions, possibility of finding a good job and also enjoying the big city life.
- First of all, in big cities, schools are generally well developed and they have had better education systems. . Furthermore, in contrast to the small town’s, there are many types of school and you may choose wherever you want to go in big cities. If a person get educated in this types of school he is able to get more knowledge and therefore probably have a good career in the future.
- Secondly, because of population there are a lot of companies in big cities and you have the option to choose which department to work. In big cities the salaries are mostly high enough to live, because the companies have more work in contrast to small towns and payments are changed according to the income of the company.

In conclusion, big city life is more attractive for me because I have the choice for having a good job with high income, and I am able to choose the school for my children in the future. Also I can take the advantage of living in big city because there are lots of things to do in a big city. Also Tolive in one place has brought us convenience both in job and life. It alsosaves our cost. . In my opinion if a person lives in a big city for one ortwo years, he could not move to his small town anymore.

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